Are you acknowledging your inner expert?

The recipe for industry authority: Strategy. Consistency. Expertise.

Good morning!

I’ve been in full strategy mode this week as I prepare for a big project with a new motorsport client. We’ve been planning social content, blog posts, and some big ongoing campaigns and, frankly, it’s got me pretty excited.

As much as I love teaching, coaching, filming, and all the other stuff I do, there’s something really satisfying about creating a content strategy and seeing it come to life.

For business owners, a big part of this is showing your expertise. The rather annoying buzz phrase around this is ‘thought leadership’ and as much as I don’t like it, it’s one of those words of the moment that is, at least, pretty descriptive.

🧠 What is a thought leader?

In short, a thought leader is an expert. Someone who regularly publishes content talking about a specific aspect of their work or industry. This content can come in whatever form you want; blog posts, LinkedIn articles, Twitter threads, bylined pieces in the press, even a newsletter.

💡 Why is it important?

Making sales within your business is all about getting people to trust that you know what you’re doing. Just as a marketing consultant would talk about the nuances of Facebook ads, a plumber might talk about the best way to unblock a drain.

This isn’t about giving away all your knowledge but it’s about giving people enough insight to show you know what you’re talking about and are an expert in your industry. When the time comes that someone needs a marketing consultant for some social advertising or a plumber for an emergency, they’re going to think of that expert.

By showing how great you are through your content, you make yourself authoritative and memorable.

🤫 The secret is consistency

The big thing that a lot of people miss here is the importance of consistency. You don’t become an expert by posting once on your blog and waiting for the cash to roll in (believe me, I’ve tried). Establishing yourself as the go-to person takes time and you need to do it in a way that really speaks to your target audience. This is where the strategy comes in. Where does that audience hang out? What do they want to know? What type of content would they respond to best?

Pull all this information together with a consistent schedule of content and you’re onto a winner.

🖊 How?

Start by thinking about who you are, what you’re an expert in, and what you want your audience to know. This forms the base of your strategy.

If I were to do this for a client, I’d do a really deep dive into their brand, competitors, keyword analysis, etc. but you can get started by simply thinking about the needs of your audience. From there, it’s all about giving them what they want in the form of expert content.


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